No matter how hard they try against their big names and whatsoever they manage by building their fake image, the truth is that they will still treat you like another number if not ‘another brick in the wall’. I am talking about some of our really prestigious
and highly esteemed hospitals that hand you with insane amount of bills but your surgeon is not even there to see the patient off, no one to guide for the medicines that they have very mercifully sent (and believe me that they have the guts to tell you that
‘xyz’ medicine is not available with the hospital pharmacy but you will find it very conveniently at
‘any’ nearby medical store). You have to do a lot of guess work after being discharged as they will not really give a brief up on what precautions to take, for instance how and when to take bath if you had a surgery.

The lower staff is way more humble and cooperative than the ones who have actually earned their degrees (maybe for being inhumane these days you require going to a university for years) because honestly the ones who are not educated are more mannered and
way concerned and seem to be the real the well wisher in that dooming white room.

After buying a car you are offered after sales service and all the big time companies take pride in providing you something that boosts their brand image and equity, well then here’s one for being human as you do not even get as much value as a car does
these days. Your dressings and appointments are the least of their concern and the last thing that they will get bothered about. Believe me they will not notice if you do not go according to the timeline for the complete recovery that you have been given upon
getting discharged.   

It is no more even about getting the return for the insanity that you pay at the counter before leaving the hospital, it is now to an extent that the profession which was considered the most respectful is now being considered at par with all those other
jobs and occupations that are busy in minting away all the money that they can from the others.