The dashboard is waterlogged with technology even in the bottom-line offer. The following part will discuss the things present and missing in the $32,895 crossover.

The Satellite Navigation system in RDX is impressive and very detailed. It is an upgraded improvement to its predecessors at Acura. However, some things still need to be revamped. The voice control system is quite responsive but it needs a lot of looking
at the 8-inch LCD screen. Sometimes it does not bother, but at occasions the driver needs to bring the vehicle to a halt to navigate through the menus with help of a knob, which itself is quite intuitive.

The screen is also attached to the rear-view camera and can be used as a rear-view mirror with inverted image option.

The LCD can also be used to watch videos on long rides and it is also connected to a state-of-the-art audio system that can play DVD-audio.

The stereo has the mandatory USB, SD card, AUX and iPod ports on it and can also be connected to a phone via Bluetooth. The hands-free audio is crisp, sharp and clear and does not have the lag on the Bluetooth connection.

There are 10 speakers nestled in various parts on either side of the cabin and give a mesmerizing sound quality.

The cabin has seats in two rows unlike the MDX, which has three rows to accommodate seven people in SUV; the crossover has room for five persons. Although the cabin is quite spacious and has ample room for legs, hips and shoulders but there is a little to
sacrifice for $10,000 saving in the RDX.

All the seats have two settings memory for adjustment however; the driver’s place has eight setting memory not only in seats but also on the steering wheel and paddles.

In regards to the safety measures, the new instalment to RDX family has compromised on the AAA safety mark. The adaptive cruise control, the collision-mitigation braking system, blind-spot monitoring are all absent in the basic version.

However, still it has safety bags on both passenger and driver seats and is quite comfy despite being on the shorter side of luxury.