Spotify continues to expand as the 2011 calendar year comes to an end. The music provider has brought its latest service without haste, and with hardly any breaks. From Monday, the company will allow Spotify related applications to incorporate the musical
world and their service radio.

The streaming music service from Sweden was born three years ago. It grew rapidly in Europe, but faced major problems in reading U.S. and had to wait until this July because of disagreements with record label.

Since then they have added more than half a million paying subscribers to their fold from twelve countries where it operates. It has also joined Facebook, and people can now listen to your favourite music without leaving the social network.

There latest evolutionary step allows applications to refer to sites like, reviews and reports from Rolling Stone or Billboard Top bestseller lists. They have also allowed Soundgrove addition, TuneWiki, and Moodeagente Fuse, among others. Applications,
in contrast with other services will only work on the desktop computers.

Daniel Ek, Spotify’s founder, announced yesterday at the meeting Le Web in Paris that Spotify plans to launch its radio, Radio. Ek. He also coined the phrase for his business: "better than pirated music."

He explained that the subscriber of the Radio services, paid or not, can create an unlimited number of radio stations simply by choosing a song, artist or genre. As a result Spotify will immediately develop the contents of that season with the same or similar

The service is similar to that created years ago by Pandora for for US listeners. The subscriber may at any time decide to change stations or even put on their favourite singer’s song, if he/she still does not like or do not want to hear what is
on air at that moment. To do this, from Monday onwards, Spotify subscribers must have to update their program if they want to start enjoying the new services.

The service is based on a very intelligent search engine that is capable of matching the music that customers like for example, if you choose Bruce Springsteen on the service, Neil Young will often be added in the list.