A case has been filed against Veena Malik in Sind High Court to declare her a traitor for using ISI tattoo on her left arm in a nude picture which remitted shock waves across the country.

Veena, whose controversial cover of FHM has also humiliated his family back home, still resisting admitting the real fact of his mad desire to become famous globally doing bold stunts in a much wretched way.

After appearing in a reality TV show last year in India, she became an instant hit with Indian media pouring-in for interviews, photo-shoots and film offers.

According to some inside sources, that was the time when she signed a rocketing deal with FHM to pose nude for the magazine in their next year’s addition which has now published their December edition in which she as nude, revealing an ISI tattoo on her
left arm.

The petitioner Muzaffar Askari, who is reporter said in the media,

“This is her personal matter to be shot nude but getting her arm written with ISI is definitely an act of a traitor, she has desecrated our national institution which is responsible for the security of the country”

Later head of entertainment department of Geo TV Rana Aqeel said,

“This is a fact that she is a flopped actress having no films in hand for many years. She is a failure yes but there is no doubt that the local media gave Malek a full blown coverage. She was the hot-cake because she knows the art of how to sell herself.”

However, a renowned Islamic scholar Mufti Usman Yar also elaborated the very heinous act of Veena, “Had it been a truly Islamic country, she would be sternly punished according to Sharia [Islamic laws], she has torn apart our national identity and it is
certainly an indelible mark on our national character.”

Beside her personal activities in India, her late act involving country’s Inter-Services Intelligence, has provoked a large sector of society while a petition has been filed against her only on this very act in order to show others to respect our country’s
institutions or else they will be punished and punished hard.