General John R Allen denies allegations of Nato attack being deliberate

General John R Allen, ISAF Commander in Afghanistan has denied the allegations of Pakistan army that last month’s NATO/ISAF airstrikes on two Pakistan outposts on Afghanistan border were deliberate and pre planned.

While talking to the Khaleej Times, Gen Allen assured that the November 26 Nato attack on Pakistan military posts, which killed two dozen troops and left 13 others injured, was not intentional adding that it would be premature to say anything about the incident
until the probe in to the attacks is complete.

“The allegation that it was an intentional act is simply not true, defies every logic why we would attack Pakistan or attack Pakistani troops,” said General John R Allen, ISAF Commander in Afghanistan while talking to the Khaleej times. “As commander of
ISAF and of US troops, I give you my assurance that it was not an intentional attack and it is important I say that publicly,” he added further.

Right from the day one of the attacks, the Pakistan government and the army has been accusing Nato and ISAF of carrying out a planned incursion on Pakistan check points. Recently a senior Pakistan military official has alleged US and its allied forces in
Afghanistan of killing Pakistan troops in Mohmand Agency.

In retaliation Pakistan has closed all the supply routes of Nato from its territory and have sought a written guarantee that such mishap would not happen again in future to reopen the logistic routes. When asked if US and its allies were willing to give
any such guarantee, Gen Allen said: “You simply can’t guarantee anything in war. The conditions are difficult at the border, let the investigation play out, we will look carefully. If we find fault on our part, we will resolve that … we will look at every
aspect of the circumstances to make sure it does not happen again.”

However, he expressed grief over the killing of 24 Pakistan soldiers and assured they will investigate the incident.

 “I am telling you nobody is happy this happened. Twenty-four young Pakistani soldiers were killed. It breaks my heart, so I want you to know we will investigate this,” said the ISAF commander.