Pakistan Army reiterates Nato attack was pre-planned

The Director General of Military Operations, Major General Ashfaq Nadeem has reiterated last month’s Nato-ISAF airstrikes were deliberate and pre-planned. The Pakistan Army DGMO also revealed that Pakistan would install an air defense system along the 6,975
Km Afghan border to prevent such attacks in future.

Nadeem made the remarks during a briefing to Senate Standing Committee on Defence which met in Islamabad under the Chairmanship of Javed Ashraf Qazi on Thursday. He also alleged that the attack was conducted by the US Special forces and Nato does not have
any control over them in Afghanistan.

The Director General Military Operations  also warned that such attacks are likely to occur in future as well. "We can expect more attacks from our supposed allies," Nadeem was quoted as saying at the senate briefing by the Express Tribune.

Islamabad has been calling the attack as an unprovoked and blatant aggression from their nominal ally right from the day one of the airstrikes while Washington has rejected the accusations and want Pakistan not to blame anybody until the probe into the incident
is complete.

Senator Tariq Azim, who attended the briefing, confirmed to an international news agency that Nadeem had made the comments that it was a pre-planned and deliberate act of US forces.

The Pak-US ties are already at its worst stage over the past decade and the latest comments from Pakistan’s director general of military operations are likely to fuel the tension between Islamabad and Washington.

The NATO and ISAF airstrikes on two Pakistan outposts on November 26, 2011 had killed 24 troops and left 13 others injured. In the aftermath of the Nato attacks the Government of Pakistan had immediately closed all the supply routes of Nato from its territory
besides giving US a deadline of 15 days to evacuate Shamsi airbase. Also Pakistan boycotted from the Bonn conference on Afghanistan held in Germany on Monday, December 5.