National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has been struggling to find funds for the renovation of their historic hangar at their Moffett Field in Mountain View, California that once housed Navy blimps like the USS Macon.

The busiest NASA hangar in its times is now rotting with rust and deterioration. The approximate cost to rebuild the monument is expected in a tune of $33 Billion. The government agency is unable to find such heft amount out of its own bank account.

However, Google, Inc.’s bosses, Larry Page, Eric Schmidt and Sergey Brin have extended their hands to assist NASA fully in their desire to renovate the facility. The trio owns a private business entity named H211.

However, there is a catch in the deal, Page, Schmidt and Brin have made to NASA. H211 owns eight private jet planes and is unable to find space for their property that is both secure and cost-effective. Google bosses have offered the money but on one condition;
they want two-third of the hangar space for their humble small fleet of jets.

One question that crosses the mind is: Are these guys planning to build their own Air Force? This question however, was first asked back in 2004 when a rumour aired that H211 has bought a fighter jet like F-16.

NASA is giving the offer a thorough thought, and a response is still to surface on the media. They don’t have use for the hangar besides the fact that it houses their memories of building large air balloons over passenger cabins. The plan eventually failed
to earn the agreement for mass production.

The triumvirate made the offer back in September but NASA is still mulling over it to get the best of the deal. Negotiations are expected to begin next week and both parties will try to bring the deal to an agreeable conclusion.