Leaving from the office after working for straight nine hours I could not imagine that a traffic jam would refresh me to an extent that it would be almost as if I have just jumped out of the bed!! The buzzing of the crowd outside the Sunday market that can
also be easily located in case you know where ‘Peshawar Mor’ is, was so filled with energy, excitement and thrill that I could actually almost feel the vibes.

So many road side stands with selling all that your mind can think of and then children with cute warm clothing on, either munching on ‘channas’ or ‘challi’ or just the cotton candy. The best part about this market is that you will find those shopping here
who either have to get a cab for both ways round and also those who come with their own drivers and helping hands to benefit from the comparatively concessional prices that are being offered and you will definitely not miss a bike packed with an entire family
crowded on it.

It served as a source of such rushing memories that I was bewildered on how some parts of life seem to be simply erased from the surface of mind until you see them as if a movie has just been rewinded. As fourth, fifth graders I remember that we use to wait
for the weekend so that we could enjoy our trip to the Sunday market.

Besides enjoying the experience and feeling that you have actually contributed to a ‘household chore’, it is an activity that at least I think should be a part of the routine of the young ones as it builds in confidence in a child as far as the variety,
price, availability of various different commodities and products that are being offered out there is concerned. Making them aware of the way transactions are held through, the way negotiation on pricing is done and also how to strike mutual interest when
bargaining with the shopkeepers is important part of their training. Not that I am very proficient at it but it is not that I am completely arrogant about it too.

A cherished childhood memory it is when there was enough time with everyone to shop together and also end up enjoying it.