Pakistan looking to revisit its foreign policy – Part One

Pakistan is a country which is full of natural resources and has produced people of highest ability in all the field of life. Its geo-strategic situation is also very crucial in the world scenario and there is not a shadow of doubt that Pakistan has the
ability to become one of the leading nations of the world.

Yet, we see that Pakistan is considered amongst the third-world countries, even though it is one of the very few atomic powers in the world.

The political analysts in the country name a number of things which have halted Pakistan’s progress since last 64 years. Some of the very experienced analysts feel that Pakistan’s foreign policy since its birth has a lot to desire and Pakistan’s dependency
on America is one of the major reasons behind the problems of the country.

The Pak-US relations reached its acme after the terror attack on the World Trade Centre in New York in 2001. America announced a war against terrorism in the same year and Pakistan was left with no other option but to become an ally of the US and NATO forces,
at least in the eyes of General retired Parvaiz Musharaf.

Many analysts expressed at that time that Pakistan is going to repent on this decision as they have indulged themselves in someone else’s war.

With the passage of time, this point of view has turned out to be the right one as the security situation in the country has deteriorated with every single year since the last decade. Approximately 3500 people died in the terror attack in the US in 2001,
whereas, quite ironically, more than 40’000 people have died in Pakistan alone in the so-called war against terror.

On top of that, the world powers and especially the US often mention on the world stage about the $20 Billion of aid that it has given to Pakistan since last 10 years. However, they fail to recognize or probably they have intentionally closed their eyes
upon the fact that Pakistan has faced a loss $70 Billion in its economy since indulging in the war against extremism.  

One must understand that the Government of Pakistan has been supporting the US against the will of its people.

To be continued …