Most of us are familiar with the underground transport system in many of the developed countries including France, England, USA, Germany, Japan and Canada. A fast moving train is used for the rapid transit with no interference or traffic signals in the way.

A similar sort of transport system is also proposed for the liveliest city of Pakistan, Lahore.  Lahore is the second largest city of Pakistan and is becoming more and more crowded every day.

The recent two decades has seen serious investments in the city which has generated a lot of jobs. The Excessive number of jobs has attracted people from nearby cities and villages in to Lahore. The idea behind introducing the Lahore Metro is also to ensure
the effective transportation for the citizens.

Lahore Metro also termed as Lahore Rapid Metro Transit System (LRMTS) which will consist of 4 functioning lines including the Green line, the Orange line, the Blue and the Purple line.  

The Green line will cost approximately US $2.4 billion and will stretch to a total distance of 27 kilometres with 15.4 kilometres overhead and 11.6 kilometres underground. A total number of ten overhead and 12 underground stations will be included in the
green line.

Green line will connect to the following stations, Shahdara ,Timber Market ,Badshahi Masjid, Data Darbar ,
Jinnah Hall , Lake Road , CENTRAL , Regal Chowk ,
Fatima Jinnah ,  Qurtaba , Shahma Chowk ,
 Ichra ,  Canal ,  Garden Town ,
 Kalma Chowk ,Model Town North ·, Model Town South ·, Walton , Ghazi , Wapda 
and Nishter.

The second proposed line is the Orange Line and will cost around US $1.9 billion. The service will run effectively between Ali Town to Dera Gujjan with a total length of 27 kilometres. It will cover a total distance of 20 kilometres overhead and 7 kilometres
of underground path. A total of 6 underground and 20 overhead stations will be built for the Orange Line.

The Orange line will connect the following stations, Ali Town ,
Niaz Baig , Canal View,  Hanjarwal , Wahdat ,Awan ,
Sabzazar , Shahnoor , Salahudin ,
Bund , Samanabad , Gulshan-e-Ravi ,
Chauborji , Lake Road , CENTRAL,  Lakshami ,
Sultanpura , University , Baghbanpura , Shalimar Gardens ,
Mint , Mahmood , Islam Park ,
Salamatpura  and Dera Gujran.

The Blue line will extend up to 24 kilometres and will stretch from Chauborji to College Road. Whereas, the Purple line will connect Bhaati Chowk to Allama Iqbal International Airport with a total distance of 19 kilometres.

It is believed that the effective implementation of the Lahore Metro will help in reducing the traffic from streets and also reduce the smoke emitted by the vehicles. Punjab Transport Minister has also briefed an estimated fare of 10-22PKR.  According to
an estimate, Lahore Metro will be eligible for transporting 640,000 passengers in a day. The project is due to start somewhere in 2012.

Lahore Metro officials were quoted as saying, “The trains will be around 100 metres long, around 3 metres wide and fully air-conditioned. The automated train operation system will allow two minute headway. This will provide un ultimate capacity of 30,000
passengers per hour in each direction.”

It was further mentioned that, “All station platforms are planned to be 102 metres long and to have screen doors. All stations will be accessible for disabled passengers from the street to platform level. The stations are designed to contribute to the city’s
image. Small shops and kiosks at these will allow the passengers to purchase newspapers, drinks and snacks, during their journey”.

The project is due to start somewhere in 2012  with a total number of 26 trains initially as 27 more trains will be added later on.


  1. I understand that Lahore metro project is about to commence,can any one updat me about the name and contact for the contractors/sub contractors doing this project.
    Thank you.Iftikhar Ahmed

  2. I am very pleased to hear about Lahore metro.


    MOREOVER, i also request to chief Prime Minister of Pakistan and Chief Minister of Punjab “You have the responsibility of the 18 Crore people of Pakistan (including all my beloved Country Provinces). Please make some rational decisions for the best future of our up coming generation.

    Please complete this project as soon as possible

    Thanks and Regard.

    A Public message by a true Pakistani.