Salman Khan unhappy over Shahrukh Khan’s promotional activity

Salman Khan was upset over Shahrukh Khan’s promotional activity where he and his daughter Suhaana cycled in the public.

The unpleasing thing for Salman was that he often cycles in the public like a commoner.

The action hero recently talked to reporters about this incident and an eye witness of the interview said, "Salman is very friendly with the photographers and he usually chats up with them whenever he gets an opportunity. So the minute he stepped out for
a photo-op at a car launch, the photographers told him about how SRK informed everyone that he was going cycling."

He further added, "Apparently all Sallu did was smile and acknowledged that he had seen the pictures. A few photographers even asked Salman why he never invites anyone when he goes cycling. To this, Salman said, `Isiliye mein Salman hoon aur woh Shah Rukh`
(That’s because I am Salman and he is Shah Rukh)."

There has been no confirmation given by Salman that he criticised SRK for cycling with his daughter in order to promote Don 2.

Earlier, there were also reports in the media regarding superstar Aamir Khan criticising Shahrukh for his science fiction flick Ra One.

However, the former clarified things in the media saying that he never said anything wrong about the movie.

After the clarification from Aamir, Shahrukh was relaxed and continued focusing on one of his most anticipated movies Don 2. The superstar will expect his upcoming flick to live up to the reputation it has gained.

Shahrukh also had high expectations from his science fiction flick and he was delighted to see a positive response from the fans worldwide.

However, the King Khan was a touch disappointed over the negative remarks from the film critics, who claimed that the script of the movie was weak and there was unnecessary comedy throughout.

According to SRK, his aim was to make a film with the use of technology in order to prove the rest of the world that India can match them, but the critics ignored the special effects used in the film and opted to target the weak script.

However, the Bollywood star said that he was still happy that people were talking about his film and this was a proof of its success.