Shahrukh Khan wishes to die while shooting a film

Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan has said that he wishes to die while shooting his last scene of a movie.

According to SRK, "I wish every day, with all the makeup put on, I am able to entertain the audience with something different from my past movies. Every night, I pray to Allah to give me enough energy and happiness to keep me going. Films are my life. And
the only wish I have is to end my life shooting for that one last shot that is hugely applauded. This is what I live for."

Commenting on his dream career, Shahrukh added, "The journey has been wonderful, sometimes tough. At times, I have not been able to live up to the expectations and I think that is the biggest bane for someone who gets all these achievements, that you lose
the ability to surprise people."

The King Khan claimed that he always wanted to try new things without being scared of failure, but when one becomes a star, everyone says ‘oh! You failed’, and that really hurts.

He was probably pointing out at the crticism at his recently released science fiction flick Ra One, which turned out to be a hit.

However, the film reviewers in Bollywood said that the script of the movie was weak, ignoring the special effects completely.

This left SRK a touch disappointed over the negative remarks from the film critics, who claimed that the script of the movie was weak and there was unnecessary comedy throughout.

According to the superstar, his aim was to make a film with the use of technology in order to prove the rest of the world that India can match them, but the critics ignored the special effects used in the film and opted to target the weak script.

However, the Bollywood star said that he was still happy that people were talking about his film and this was a proof of its success.

He went onto say that when people start expecting, it takes the edge away from your work. He just wants the audience to give him enough opportunity to surprise them.