One of the most cherished moments during the chilling cold months is to crowd around a heater with family or friends even if the poor electric and/or gas appliance is so small in size itself that it is barely visible after all the people settle and take
‘shelter’ around it.

This trend is one that has flowed with us through the years, from the before assembly time in school to the offices that many of us have joined today. During school we use to be literally dragged out of classrooms in order to attend assemblies in the freezing
cold weather. The war waged for the seat right next and also those near the ‘heat zone’ was always a spectacle before the teacher use to walk in.

The wonderful thing about this heating devise is that it not only makes you lazy and lethargic but it also pops all the wrong reasons into your mind that entice you to go to sleep. Coffee, tea, soup or any dried fruits along with the almost consoling heat
can make you dwell in heaven with still being alive!!

Even though one heater with ten or even maybe more around it implies the lack of resources in offices yet it is something that is thoroughly enjoyed!!

 Many burning incidents during childhood also have their origins back to ‘sitting near the heater’. A cousin sitting right in front of the heater with his back towards it from which we all could see fumes and smoke rising was actually his parachute jacket
that had caught fire. Often in an attempt to dry wet socks so that they could be worn to school that very day, you would end up with ‘imprints’ on them as if they had been ‘grilled’!!

Same use to be the issue sometimes with the not ironed uniform that we claimed to iron while standing right in front of the heater and then ended up with getting the uniform burned at times too. Lack of time I guess results in lack of experience as we no
more have time for any ‘burning accidents’ or for sitting around the magnet enjoying different dried fruits with our families.