People need to play their role to make Pakistan a prosperous country

The progress of any country lies in the hard work, commitment and dedication of its people. But when people become polluted or corrupt, the country will never get at the right track of progress. Only dedicated patriots can lead the nation towards prosperity
and growth.

To spit on the bad governance of the current rulers in Pakistan has become our habit but it is quite useless because we are now cultivating what we did three and half years ago. We, the critics of the current time remained in our homes enjoying with our
families on the national holiday on the day of election. What we did at that day is in front of us today.

Casting the vote is our national duty and we have to perform this duty with the utmost honesty. If we do not bother to participate in the process of selecting the right person, then the rulers will do the same and they will never bother with our concerns,
which is the case at the moment.

Just have a look at the more bitter but realistic picture of this particular aspect. The current government was elected almost three and half years ago without the participation of one third voters. We cast our vote or not, the government will be elected
again in the next elections and with the support of approximately 30% people.

These 30% people will write the fate of the nation once again and the corrupt leaders will continue sucking the blood of the downtrodden class. The rich will continue generating more and more profit while the poor will continue his journey towards his grave
as a result of starvation.

You have the time at the moment to save yourself and your next generation by casting your vote and also choosing the right person, who has an ideology and the passion to put the country on the right track of success. You should perform your part honestly
by casting your vote for the right person which will be your first contribution in the progress of Pakistan.

By doing this, you will take the first step towards change, no matter it becomes fruitful or not. At least you will be satisfied and when you will meet Allah, you will be able to say with pride that you performed you national duty and did your part honestly
towards welfare of the country.