Veena Malik denies copying Katrina Kaif’s look

Pakistani actress, model and comedienne, Veena Malik, has again landed in the middle of a controversy. This time the critics have accused Veena Malik for copying Katrina Kaif’s ‘Chikni Chameli’ look.

Veena Malik was offered many roles in Bollywood before she turned all of them down. However, the actresses couldn’t say no to the song ‘Chhanno’, which is her new item number.

But critics reckon Veena’s appearance in ‘Chhanno’ is quite similar to Katrina Kaif’s appearance in Karan Johar’s upcoming movie, Agneepath.

In the film the British Indian actress, Katrina Kaif, has performed in the item song ‘Chikni Chameli’ and her dressing, background, dance steps and looks have a lot of resemblance with Veena’s appearance
in ‘Chhanno’ yet Veena has rejected all the claims because she thinks her song has everything different in it.

“From styling and the set up, to the tune and choreography, everything in this item number is different,” she was quoted as saying. “That is why I choose to do this item song.”

Veena also explained to the media why she wore a nose ring while dancing.

“The nose ring is a very important ornament in Pakistan and it gives a very beautiful look. So on my request, I was allowed to wear it and it looks stunning,” said Veena.

Veena’s director in the meantime shared his thoughts on Veena’s brilliant performance.

“The song is shaping up very well and Veena has given a brilliant performance,” said director Jafry, clearly in awe of his item girl.

This is not the first time Veena Malik has landed in the middle of a controversy. Recently she remained under a lot of discussion for her nude and Topless FHM cover page picture in which she was also seen
with an “ISI” tattoo on her arm.

Though Veena from the very first day has claimed she didn’t do any nude shoot, people of Pakistan are finding it hard to believe. Veena has also been receiving death threats due to this shoot.

Nevertheless, let’s hope we see Veena Malik trouble-free someday.