Memogate scandal distracting media from the real problems of a common man

If there is one thing that I fail to understand, it is the obsession of media with the Memogate scandal. With the attention of media fixed on the issue that concern the big fishes of our country, the problems faced by a common man in his every-day life is
being completely ignored. The talk-show hosts are more interested in what went on seven seas away than what is actually going on in the streets outside their offices.

Corruption is running rampant in the country and nobody is bothering to talk about that. People are dying of hunger, deprived of shelter and clothes, but for some reason this problem is not being considered as a grave or newsworthy issue for the media anymore.
Nobody suddenly seems to care about the girls that are being forced into getting married to men thrice their age, nor is anyone interested in putting a stop to the culture of bribery and injustice that has become a prominent characteristic of our society over
the years.

Instead, everyone is bothered about the meeting between the Director General (DG) of Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) General Shuja Pasha and the Pakistani-based American businessman, Mansoor Ijaz. People are worried about the government, especially the
president of Pakistan and co-chairman of the ruling party, Pakistan’s People’s Party (PPP), Asif Ali Zardari, selling off the army to America.

It is rather difficult to understand how the issues pertaining to the army, ISI and President are relevant to the problems faced by the common man. Had the Memogate consisted of something related to the price hikes, availability of natural resources, or
even the security situation of the country, then the interest that the media is currently taking into the whole matter would have been justified and understandable. However, putting all the issues aside and focusing on the Memogate issue because it contains
something related to our army does not make a lot of sense.

Maybe the media should let the Army, government and ISI handle their problem themselves and stop creating such a fuss over it. Instead, they should start highlighting other issues, which includes inflation, corruption, extortion, injustice, terrorism by
the political parties, traffic problem, pollution, development, lack of employment opportunities, deficiencies in education system, etc.

It is time to let go of the issues that do not concern us and start talking about the problems that affect the life of a common man directly. The media needs to act more responsibly and become a voice of the people instead of becoming nothing more than noise
for them.