Pakistan’s controversial queen ‘Veena Malik’ goes missing in India

Pakistani actress, model and comedienne, Veena Malik, who is currently in shooting for a horror flick ‘Mumbai 125 kilometres’ in India, has mysteriously gone missing, as she is untraceable since early morning of December 16.

Veena’s business manager, Prateik Mehta, and filmmaker, Hemant Madhukar, told the media that Veena disappeared 5am in the morning when the films last shot was going on. Hemant confirmed he has no clue about Veena at all.

“Veena without giving her last shot at 5am for my film ‘Mumbai 125 kilometres’ suddenly disappeared from her vanity van. Her mobile too was not reachable I assumed that the actress was tired and left for home,” said Hemant.

Hemant then told the media he was sent a message from Veena but he couldn’t receive it because the mobile phones were switched off as a result to which everyone came to know about the incident 12 hours later. He revealed that the message said she was depressed
and wanted to go home.

“Today we had a couple of shots with Veena but I realised that her phones are still switched off and she has also not communicated with her manager since then which is indeed serious,” added Hemant.

Veena Malik was recently under a lot of discussions. She was accused by the Indian critics for copying Katrina Kaif’s look in her new movie but the main issue was her nude photo shoot in India, as it disappointed Pakistan people a lot.

Veena, who had an ‘ISI’ tattoo on her arm as well, did this shoot for Topless FHM. The actress before this incident insisted many a times that she is receiving death threats from unknown people due to her shoot yet India didn’t provide her with a security.

Hemant also thinks there was something fishy going on since he stated Veena was depressed for the past few days.

“Veena normally is very chirpy and full of life on the sets but from past few days she looked depressed. Hope she is fine,” concluded Hemant.

Nevertheless, let’s hope she is safe.