Child labour and its effects on children in Pakistan

Child labour has become a major issue throughout the world but in the third world countries, like Pakistan, it has grown to the maximum level. This international problem is becoming intense with every passing day because a large number of children are forced
to do labour jobs, which is completely against the law.

There are more than 11 million children in Pakistan who are working labour jobs in every nook and corner of the country. The ages of these children are between five to sixteen years and they are forced to do the odd jobs because they belong to the poor and
downtrodden class of the society and they have no other choice but to work and earn a little amount to support their families.

These children usually work on various workshops, tea stalls, hotel and restaurants, offices and the like. They are treated like baggers and they have not been given the right to go to school and get education. The parents of these children cannot afford
to send their children to schools.

Poverty is the basic reason and driving force that compels these children to work like labours and earn a little money at the end of the day. The bad financial condition aggravates the problem of child labour.

Another important reason is unemployment which forces the parents to send their children to school as these poor people know that their children will remain unable to get a respectable position in society as they will not get a good job.

One more reason behind this bad tradition is that the parents of these unfortunate children are usually illiterate. They do not have the ability to realise what they are doing with the future of their children. They push them out to face the hatred and indifference
of people.

This kind of attitude with children destroys their personality and makes them submissive just like servants. It also damages their self esteem and forces them to bear the inhuman behaviour of those who are higher in status to these children.

We, the so-called educated and civilised people do not even think for a while and start rebuking these innocent children who are there at our service not by the choice of their own. They are the victims of their circumstances and we are taking benefit of
their compulsions.

The government should take steps and should punish those who employ these children in their workshops, hotels or other places. Government should provide the basic rights to these children and should also help them in getting education.

These children should also be provided with all those basic rights which other children of higher classes are enjoying. In this way our country can get rid of this social evil, which has grown to a threatening extent.