It is shocking to note that we judge the human beings on the basis of religion, territory, culture, creed, colour and language. How nonsense this is. Why do we forget that all rational animals hail from one father, Adam, and all are made of one element,
clay. You will laugh to read that I have used childish examples, but they are realities and will be so till the doomsday.

Currently, the entire Pakistani nation, excluding a few sane ones, is enraged over an illogical and baseless issue i.e., Pakistan’s approval of India as the Most Favourite Nation (MFN) in international trade. Marvellous! Outstanding move! To me, Pakistan
has taken the first right and wise step in its history.

Just think for a single moment how much benefits the two largest Asian nations will take from this strategy. Majority of the populations of the two states is poor, lacking in basis life amenities like food, shelter and clothes. If the both start preferring
each other in trade ties, a number of employment opportunities will arise and, resultantly, prosperity is destined to come in both sides. Is not this seems a good development from humanity, leave the economic aspect, point of view and is Islam not a religion
of humanity?

In Holy Quran, does Allah not prescribe the Muslims to do good with all human beings, be it believer or non-believer, black or white, friend or foe? Do all religions of the world not teach their respective followers to respect and love humanity? The answer
of all these questions will be ‘YES’. If so, then what’s wrong with MFN?

Since Pakistan granted India the MFN status, our religious parties have been making hue and cry, terming it to be an ‘unIslamic’ and ‘unfair’ move. They have filled the whole country with protests, road-blockades and emotional sermons. According to them,
Pakistan has committed a severe sin by ushering trade relations with India which is unlawfully occupying Kashmir.

Ok fine, India is doing unfair with Kashmir but can we solve this problem by staying away from India or battling with it. Never ever. Believe me, Pakistan can never get Kashmir in battlefield. If the two nuclear nations engage in war again, there will be
disaster everywhere, nothing else. Pakistan can never get Kashmir in this way. Furthermore, I think this issue is not likely to be solved even in coming hundred years. Does it not seem silly to block trade with India for this indefinite period of time just
due to Kashmir? Yes, it is.

The MFN is in the best interest of the humanity and, I think, no sane person should raise objection against it. It someone does, he/she is committing a heinous act of cruelty.