Ali Zafar gets shirtless in “London, Paris, New York”!

The Pakistani heartthrob singer and actor Ali Zafar removed his shirt to put his newly toned body on a show off in his next Bollywood film “London, Paris, New York”.

Ali Zafar says, "Six-pack abs is not my priority. It’s good to have six-pack abs, but that isn’t on top of my mind. For this movie, I have tried to go for a lean, toned look. I was staying opposite Hyde Park in London, so I would go there for a run. That
helped me a lot.”

“I think it’s important to be fit and get under the skin of the character. I mean, normal people don’t walk around with six-pack or eight-pack abs, right?” he adds.

Like most of the leading men in B-town, pop-star-turned-actor Ali Zafar has gone shirtless for his film London, Paris, New York. Apparently the handsome import from Pakistan had no qualms about doing so, as he had done it once before for his music video,
Ek pal.

In the recent Bollywood hit ‘Desi Boyz’, Akshay Kumar and John Abraham got shirtless and now the next turn is of Ali Zafar to flaunt his lean mean torso for his upcoming film “London, Paris, New York”.

This trend will definitely make life harder for the upcoming heroes who will have to have that look which was originally only related to ‘Salman Khan’. Talent is not the only thing that is required these days, your body outlook is one of the most important
things that play a major role and Ali Zafar has realised that soon. He will definitely rock the floor once again after giving a super doper hit in Bollywood before that featured one of the most gorgeous girls on this plant, Katrina Kaif.

So, girls… wait to watch your chocolate hero in a new hot look.


  1. if mr. ali zafar goes shirtless just to gain something out of it, it is ok but if veena malik displays her vital statistics to her advantage ali zafar and other pakistanis are ashamed. what a standard of morality. both are in show business both are using circumstances to their financial benifits and Pakistan has nothing to do with it . I as pakistani find nothing in both to be proud off.these shall never be our priorities. we have to be of a diferent creed. we hae toset our own priorities which at the least are not music and acting. I request all pakistanis the youngster not to be misled by the glamour attached to music and dance and valentine and acting and of sort. It may be glittering but certainly it is not gold. to the elder lot i urge to shun corruption, nepotism culture of sifarish and bribe which may make the day slightly comfortable but in the long run prove devastating for our families , our friends, our society as awhole and above all, for our country. I qoute,” if a nation loves something more than its indipendence it will loose it. and if that something is money (by hook or by crook) it will loose that too. I request the media to help in establishing our own identity, our own goals our own ideals,our own priorities and not lead us to the world of Oscars film fare lux style, grammies, boly loly holy woods. After all we are the followers of Hazrat Muhammad SAW