These days even real brothers and sisters are stuck in the vicious circle of social status, who bought which car, whose children are going to which school or attending which university, what were the menus on ‘xyz’ dinner invitations or which club it was
(specially in case of Karachi, Islamabad still has one club which settles many disputes!!!)  

A single event gives birth to a series of events for example the advent of convocation alone follows to a lunch, a photo shoot session, not to forget the clothes and of course repayment……yes repayment of the convocation charges that have already been included
in the final semester fee so honestly for those who are not really well off, this event needs to be budgeted.

Now the time factor that according to me is more important than money, even if there is a financial constraint at least a person gets a chance to organize and sort out things if he/she has some time that can be spent on something besides work.

Even though convocation is something that has been announced in advance and you do
‘have’ time but one just cannot manage to ‘find’ it. By the time you become that part of the population that works from 8-5 or 9-6, time is a rare commodity that you actually take out only for those who are absolutely close and important.
For instance, saying no to friends for hanging out that also after a week is not on the possibility list unless God forbid there is an emergency, otherwise even a paper next day will not matter.

Convocation being just round the corner and you being stuck with work, final presentation, quiz and a day’s trip right the next day of the convocation does not make it sound like the most exciting idea for the weekend but in case you have been around some
really crazy bunch of people for five years of your university then you will not find much room for complaining as they all are readily in for making it to the office right the next day even if it means getting dropped right to the workplace from the trip
rather than home!!