Lollywood actor Sana Nawaz says Veena Malik has brought Pakistan embarrassment

Lollywood actress, Sana Nawaz, has insisted that Veena Malik has brought her country, Pakistan, nothing else but embarrassment.

Sana said, “She has only brought embarrassment to us.”

Sana, who reached India yesterday via Attari land border in order to perform for a Punjabi movie ‘Dil Pardesi Ho Gaya’, told the media that she doesn’t even like talking about Veena Malik. Sana stressed
Veena is portraying a very bad image of Pakistani actresses in India and thus she is a disgrace to Pakistan.

“I don’t want to talk about her, eik machli sarae talab ko ganda kar deti hai (a rotten fish can spoil the waters),” Sana added. “She is trying to portray herself as an artist through cheap gimmicks and
bringing a bad name to our country.”

Nevertheless, Sana in the meanwhile remarked actors only believe in spreading love and brotherhood and both India and Pakistan should sort out their differences.

”The governments of both countries may differ in their approach, but we (actors) believe in spreading love and brotherhood,” she emphasized. “Getting a visa to India visa is the toughest task in Pakistan.”

The controversial Pakistani actress, Veena Malik, is currently shooting in India for a film but she remained under a lot of discussion a few days back due to her ‘nude’ photos in a magazine, Topless FHM.

Veena had an ‘ISI’ tattoo on her left arm and no clothes on her body yet she claims she didn’t do ‘nude’ photo shoot. Veena admitted she did a bold photo shoot but never a nude one still people in Pakistan
are totally outraged due to her acts in India.

Veena at present is once again in the middle of a controversy, as two days back she was reportedly missing and it was being suspected as if someone has kidnapped her. Therefore, now Veena is facing press-conferences
in which she is justifying herself by explaining that she just went to home to have some sound sleep and her only mistake was this that she didn’t inform anyone about it.

All left to see is whether if Veena will ever come out these controversies or not.