Pakistan has an abundance of natural resources that can not only meet domestic needs but can also be exported, yet here we sit without gas and electricity.

There are five major rivers that flow through Pakistan and countless other smaller rivers and streams. There are doabs (fertile land between two rivers) in abundance. There are mountain ranges, deserts, the Arabian Sea and a direct link to what is soon to
become the world’s largest economy, China, in the shape of the silk route. Gas, coal and precious stones can be found in abundance in Baluchistan.

Why then is Pakistan struggling to meet the needs of its people?

There are rivers, untapped coal and natural gas reserves in abundance. So why is there a shortage of electricity in the country? While the politicians and policy makers bicker about whether or not to go ahead with the Kalabagh dam the nation suffers.

One may call me a cynic but their motives are questionable. Are those who are for and against the deal working towards the benefit of Pakistan or for themselves? It is best we not discuss the motives yet that thought should be in the back of everyone’s heads.

Interesting fact, Baluchistan is the richest province in terms of natural resources. It has two known gas deposits, coal and around 115 different types of precious stones, more than India, the sea and a border with historically rich neighbour, Iran.

Yet, these ‘gold-mines’ lay untapped and the ones that have been explored and where extraction is taking place is being done by foreign companies. Who, if they do sell it back to Pakistan, do so at a higher rate.

It is funny how a nation that has the capability and has developed nuclear weapons cannot seem to pool in the resources to benefit the nation. Gwadar was a great initiative, yet even that seems to have gone to waste somewhat with the hype and expectations

In the end, the sad fact of the matter is that while Pakistan has resources in abundance, it seems the easy money of accepting others to come and take from us is too much to resist for those in charge.