Unemployment is becoming a big concern for the US government of late. In 2011, it climbed up to 25 percent becoming the biggest challenge for the Upper House and Congress. The government does not want to mirror Great Depression state in the country again.
However, the cause of the problem does not fall in the lap of the House Republicans or the Democrats after all.

According to a recent research, the average number of applicants against every vacancy in the US is  four which is quite disappointing. The House GOP thinks that it is because of the Unemployment Insurance that is given to the unemployed for a whopping 99
weeks after the firing or lay-off.

The solution according to GOP is to cut short the insurance duration from 99 weeks to 79 weeks to motivate or push the unemployed to start looking for jobs. The laziness is said to be one of the major factors that beefed up the Great Depression.

According to a recent report, during the late 1920s, when the depression was on its peak, unemployed labour pool in the US resisted to extra efforts made in searching for a new job. Undoubtedly, the low wage rate that reign over that era was also unacceptable
but that does not refrain the needy from looking for job.

Now is not the same time, however. The times have changed and rules of engagement are totally different. There are ample opportunities available in the market with obviously not the same benefits as pre-2008 but jobs are available nonetheless.

There are two main reasons for such an unemployment epidemic, according to the GOP. One, as mentioned above, is the Unemployment Insurance duration. The second is the healthy activities that the jobless indulge into. According to a recent survey, majority
of the jobless community are junkies and massively into drugs.