Therefore, the House Republican are in the process of getting a bill passed that will force the employer to take a drug test of applicant for possible drug use. Moreover, the bill assert on the high-school drop-outs to get a General Education Development
(GED) degree. This step will have two benefits. It will give the high-school drop-out a thorough insight into the professional environment and how to conduct the job at workplace.

Moreover, it might motivate them to continue their education and earn a professional degree to a healthy future.

The aforementioned policies by the GOP might be of some worth in reducing the disappointing unemployment rate from 25 percent to some notches down. However, in the opinion of some experts it will fail to make a huge impact on the figures.

For one, not all the unemployed are junkies. There are many who have families and became a victim of the 2008 US recession. They might need every ounce of money that they could get to spent on their family. Besides $300 per week is already below poverty
line and what good benefit could it bring to family of four. Besides, the monthly allowance is already very embarrassing and needs a lot of guts for a provider to accept it.

Second, a family-man or woman might not get the time to spend time on re-educating himself or herself. They might be looking for an immediate source to provide for their family.

The GOP should give a deep consideration to the employment and economic structure. More benefits and even more jobs should be created to lure the long-term unemployed person to the workplace.

The low-wage scale was one of the major problems in 1920s and it is going to become a enormous hurdle in bringing back the US economy to stable feet, again.