True to every sense and essence of the phrase, politicians are being marketed, only that there is rarely any benefit or healthy feature that can be highlighted while marketing but still then what are impositions and enforced beliefs for?

They have never been so extensively and ruthlessly marketed before. Each anchor who takes their name or any channel that does a sitcom on them actually ends up marketing them. The four “Ps” if applied to this would turn out to be something like this. The
price is of course being paid by the nation along with the cost being incurred as well. Placement being all the news media; electronic, print or whichever you name and they are on it. The most influential being the word of mouth. Word of mouth might have not
worked so well for the various products and commodities but it does jell with our politicians.

Besides giving all the chance in the world to the others, the politicians do see to it that they promoted themselves as well and for serving this purpose each one of them has become habitual of hosting numerous political congregations, which obviously almost
always fail is serving the actual purpose and cause.

The third and most important is the product itself which in our case are the politicians who are corrupt from the core to the packaging. No matter how much you shampoo or polish the exterior, the inner depth never fails to shine out. They actually devote
in the rest of the three “Ps” for fading away the impact and influence of the fourth “P”, the product, which is rarely effective.

I have brought it up sarcastically but in real terms throughout the world, politicians are actually marketed and what gets marketed is their personality and character that people are brought to trust in and then keep the future of their country and themselves
in their hands. It is their honesty, integrity and patriotism that becomes the brand image and it is the support that they have which we can count as their brand equity. Sadly, in our country, none of that exists…