Mehak Chahal gets a wild card to re-enter the Bigg Boss 5 house

The Bollywood actress and a Norwegian model of Punjab, Mehak Chahal, has been awarded with a wild card as a result to which she will be re-entering the Bigg Boss house-season 5 most probably this Saturday.

Mehak Chahal, Shonali Nagrani and Laxmi Narayan Tripathi were all voted out last time and therefore all three evictees approached to make a wild card entry on the reality show before Bigg Boss finally
picked Chahal as the wild card entrant.

Thus, Chahal, who become the tenth contestant to be evicted, will now be a part of the final leg of the ‘Bigg Boss season 5’ competition. She will now be joining Sky, Juhi Parmar, Sunny Leone, Amarr Upadhyay
and good-friend Siddharth Bharadwaj.

The 37-year-old Chahal was voted out for having a fight with Sky after he accused her of going under knife to enhance her body features but it looks like as if now Chahal is all set to settle the scores
with Sky.

Mehak confirmed, “Yes, I am one of the contestants and if I get the chance to get back, I will settle scores with Sky.”

Meanwhile, many out there were thinking Juhi Parmar to win the Bigg Boss but now her chances of winning the show have faded a bit because Mehak Chahal has a great fan following in India and overseas as
well. Moreover, she is known as the girl of Bollywood’s superstar, Salman Khan, who is currently hosting the Bigg Boss show alongside Sunjay Dutt.

It is being said that Salman is the reason behind Chahal’s wild card entry. These noises were also in the air last time. Though Chahal after being evicted claimed she had no one’s support, people still
doubt it.

Mehak will most likely join Amarr and Sid because now the contestants are divided in two groups and Sunny Leone, Sky and Juhi Parmar are already together in a group.

At present every contestant in the house has been nominated for this week’s eviction, excluding Sky. So let’s see what happens next in the Bigg Boss.