NATO makes statement

NATO has recently given a statement regarding the air strikes that both Pakistan as well as NATO are to blame for the tragic incident that caused the deaths of 24 Pakistani soldiers. The statement was made public after NATO reached the end of its investigation
in upon the matter.

The statement in which NATO said this is the following: “The investigation has ascertained that a series of mistakes were made on both sides in failing to properly coordinate their locations and actions, both before the operation and during the resulting

The incident that took place was an air strike on two of the Pakistani border posts that lasted for a period of two hours. The NATO forces were contacted by the Pakistani counterparts repeatedly in an effort to make NATO stop the air strikes but to no avail.

The aftermath of the incident was a severe reaction from the Pakistani government that led them to take a series of action. Pakistan boycotted the Bonn conference on Afghanistan and also closed down the NATO supply routes. Not only that, the government of
Pakistan also gave the U.S. forces an ultimatum to vacate the Shamsi air base.

The NATO air strikes had the immediate effect of generating a lot of negative sentiment amongst the people of Pakistan that caused the relations between the super power and Pakistan to experience a steep downturn as the government of Pakistan reflected the
sentiments of its people in its actions.

In response to the NATO attack, Pakistan demanded a complete apology from the President of the United State, Barrack Obama but no such thing came to light. In reply to this, NATO officials expressed their regret over the matter and offered their condolences
over the loss of life that took place but they said that an apology would only be made after the investigation and only if deemed necessary.

The stance of the United States was similar to that of NATO as they also did not offer any apology but its government officials responded by expressing regret over the matter and offering their deepest condolences over the loss of life that took place.