Pooja Misrra says Mehak Chahal is after Salman Khan – Bigg Boss season 5

Pooja Misrra, who is a contestant in the Bigg Boss house – season 5, has claimed that Bigg Boss is showing favouritism towards Mehak Chahal perhaps because of her relation with Bollywood’s superstar, Salman
Khan, who is currently hosting the show with Sunjay Dutt.

The 37-year-old Bollywood actress and a Norwegian model of Punjabi Jat Sikh origin, Mehak Chahal, not too long ago became the tenth contestant to be evicted from the Bigg Boss house. However, she is now
a part of the final leg of the competition, as she has been brought back into the house via a wild card entry. Therefore, Misrra reckons Chahal has a close relation with Khan.

Another reason why Misrra is thinking this way is because Chahal is a close friend of Khan and she herself has admitted the fact though she also said she is not having anyone’s support.

Misrra yesterday held a press conference in which she basically wanted to expose Salman Khan but the famous spitfire of Bigg Boss 5 refrained from any direct allegation at the superstar. Nevertheless,
she didn’t let any chance go when it came to Mehak.

Misrra stated Mehak always talks about Salman and everyone knows it in the house. Misrra also showed the media a footage in which Mehak was constantly praising Khan.

Pooja Misrra said: “Mahek is definitely after him, I don’t know whether Salman is or not. Every conversation of her would have Salman’s name and because of this everyone in the house used to be scared
of her. It was like everyone has to be good to her to survive the game.” 

“She hasn’t been shown using his name persistently so I guess it is correct that the footage was edited,” she said. 

In the end however Misrra was smart enough to save herself from any trouble, as she admired Salman Khan’s kindness to everybody.

Pooja said, “He is the host of the show and he only says what he is made to by the crew. As far as his behaviour is concerned he has always been very kind to everybody.”