Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf President, Imran Khan, has revealed that his party will file a petition against the election ban on dual nationals imposed by the Election Commission of Pakistan.

Imran reckons that most of the dual nationals have vast businesses abroad. They serve the country in shape of foreign remittances amounting to billions of rupees, so Election Commission’s move will discourage them to bring money
into Pakistan.

The former test captain is not concerned with the chances of a deal between the government and army, and reckons that the matter is with Supreme Court.

‘It does not matter if the government and the military leadership had reached an agreement over memo gate scandal, as the issue is with the Apex court and we hope that judiciary will treat the case on merit’, he added.

To other question, he said, all the other political parties present on the country’s political spectrum failed to deliver. He said he would bring forward the country’s most competent team to run government’s affairs. Imran said
PTI would continue its campaign of public mobilisation after December 25th public gathering in Karachi.

“The desperate countrymen need mobilisation under prevailing circumstances’, he said.

He said at first PML-N tried to get the loyalties of politicians from PML-Q who had joined him recently. And now when they joined PTI they were spreading false propaganda against us by saying landlords and establishment backed
people were joining PTI, he added.

The participants of the rally took the chairs with them and Imran believes that they have been forced to do by the government.

‘The participants of a rally who took away chairs the other day has raised several questions of grave concern. It also shows the pathetic state of affairs of common men’, he added.

On the occasion, he also announced inclusion of Ali Asghar, son of Air Marshal (Retd) Asghar Khan and a central leader of Tehreek-e-Istaqlal (TI), as a member of PTI’s central Executive Committee, what he said was to enhance coordination
between PTI and TI.