5. Connecting iPad to a television

The iPad is compatible with a number of TVs with different cables and modes. However, the external display to TVs is limited for some unknown reason.

Following are modes that can be used to extend the display to an external display like a television.

  • The modern televisions that support HDMI input have the most compatibility with the iPad. Apple provides an HDMI adaptor that can connect the iPad dock capable to the HDMI cable that the user has to purchase. Once the iPad is connected, it can then allow
    a host of applications like, video streaming, presentations and gaming on the television… which is a bigger display. However, the drawback is that the output is limited to only 720p.
  • The iPad can also be connected to the televisions that only support USBs. However, in this case only videos and photo slideshows are extended to external display.
  • The iPad can also be connected to older TVs that only have A/V input. Same as in USBs case, only videos and photos are allowed out of the iPad.
  • The iPad can be connected to any television in an easier way via Apple TV. The device can get rid of all the cables. Just go to toe the Air Stream option in the iPad and select Apple TV and viola, all is available on the bigger screen.