The culture and customs of political processions and congregations is being shifted to more interactive grounds where the audience that needs to be captured is alert and receptive. There are still many parties who make people attend their congregations forcefully,
the way many are disillusioned to cast vote and then are left to the mercy of none.

A responsive audience is something that a student presenting in the class wants and is also something that a politician yearns for in case he or she needs the actual purpose being served besides the publicity stunts. If we yet again bring it down to something
as simple as marketing then what a person is delivering needs to be aligned with the wishes and desires of those who are going to listen to it and attend it. No one these days have time to go out of their way for something that does not really pay back at
the end of the day.

A new way to keep the audience interested in these long and of course sometimes boring processions; is music. Music has its own inbuilt ability to refresh the mind and energize the soul specially the national songs that are thematic and have some deep message
that all of understand and do relate to if only for a matter of a few seconds.

Songs by Strings, Junaid Jamshed and Madam Noor Jahan get played very often at such gatherings now. Not only other stars like Shezad Roy and some new youngsters are using political satire in music to infuse and project serious issues through music rather
the political parties themselves are on with it. They are no longer restricted to the slogans and punch lines alone rather they have proper songs with the name of their leader, purpose and objective of the parties in them. Most of them have such lyrics which
automatically rhyme with the name of their leaders.

Not only the parties themselves but many channels are using songs from different entertainment industries and making their parodies in a way that they address good amount grave concerns of the nation and at times also reveal the personal interests of the
politicians. This at the end of the at least boosts the entertainment industry and breaks away from the monotony of serious and saddening issues that are repeated on news channels throughout the day.