Mel Gibson divorce – the most expensive in Hollywood

The director and star of Braveheart is now officially a divorced man. After 31 years of marriage, a court in Los Angeles has entered the divorce but because the couple has not reached any agreement, the law has ruled a Solomonic division of fortune for the
actor, ie, that Robyn is going to get half of Mel’s fortune.

The career of Mel Gibson has been most successful, in fact, an estimated current account and its assets could be priced at about 1,000 million dollars (766 million) that will touch you now share with their and ex-wife, Robyn.

Although officially divorced on December 23, the couple was already broken since 2006, when Gibson cited "irreconcilable differences" in their marriage.

After five years of comings and goings in the courts, have not reached any financial agreement with what the laws of the State of California have determined that the actor’s fortune will be distributed to 50 percent.

Thus, Gibson stars, according to People magazine, the most expensive divorce in Hollywood history as his wife will receive 383 million euros.

The fortune of the artist, director and producer of films like "The Passion of the Christ" (2004) and "Apocalypto" (2006), around 1,000 million dollars in revenue for their work and the properties it owns.

The Oscar-winning "Braveheart" (1995), who was born in the United States but moved to Australia at age 12, also had a relationship   with Russian Robyn Oksana Grigorieva, Lucia’s mother, her infant daughter.