China launches her satellite to compete with U.S. Gobal Positioning System (GPS)

China has launched her satellite-controlling nagivation network on Tuesday, December 27. This endeavour on China’s part was taken up in an attempt to break free from their dependence on U.S. controlled Global Positioning System (GPS).

The project was started in 2000 and right now and the works are still underway. According to the reports revealed the project will be ready to cater to the worldwide market by 2020.      

Currently, Beidou, or Compass, navigation system is only catering its services in China and the “surrounding areas” as has been reported by Xinuah. Also, Beijing will launch another set of six satellites by 2012, which will widen their network to the most
of Asia-Pacific region.

The first Compass satellite was launched in April 2007, after four other experimental satellites were placed in orbit earlier in the decade. It is not clear how many satellites have been launched so far.

Once completed, the system will have 35 satellites developed using Chinese technology, and will provide services for mapping, fishery, transport, meteorology and telecommunications, state media have said.