This is what we get to hear ever since we get the concept of friendship even around our mind, but how really can that be true? The friends that we had back in kindergarten did not even understand the difference between suffering and pleasure, we only knew
that someone is sad if the colouring pencil use to get lost or happy if we were given a candy by the teacher.

Just while typing this in I can feel it to the core of my heart that how brutally simple were the reasons that stood responsible for our happiness or sadness and how during the course of life, with our age, kept changing the intensity of scenarios. Then
there comes a stage for some where it becomes a nightmare to actually discover who you are and what your identity is and where it actually is that you belong?

You find it confusing if the friends that you have made are sincere, trustworthy or are actually worthwhile being around. And then you keep getting constant threats from all those around due to their hideous experiences and then who can forget the parents
at their backs who are throughout their lives concerned about their babies getting hurt in the big wide wild crazy world out there but then is there an escape from that….???

According to many parents, friends only stick around till they are unaware or
staying unaware of your actual problems. Once the problems are out the bag, they run out the door……BUT it is really not the same each time. The thing is that the sort of the person you are, often, the similar company you seek out for. If you yourself
are a nice person and a complete package then you will probably find people who do fall somewhere near the sphere. And in case you yourself are hollow inside and are looking out for people who will accommodate you then that will not happen.

A very simple thing is that think good about and for everyone AND stay ready for being hurt by anyone at anytime for any reason at all!!!