Bigg Boss – A reality or ‘Fake Show’???

Bigg Boss, which is co-hosted by Bollywood superstars Sunjay Dutt and Salman Khan, is one of the most possessed TV shows in India but the question is whether if the show is really a reality show or a fake

We have seen a lot of contestants entering and leaving the Bigg Boss house. Apparently it is the audience who decides who should leave the house and who should stay. However, in my point of view the whole
show is scripted and the makers of the show already know who is going to win it because if it’s really the audience who decides then Sky should have been the first one to leave the house since he is the real trouble maker in the house.

You must have gone through the comments on YouTube and other articles, which always criticise Sky for his rude behaviour yet the man is in the show from the start. Moreover, the rules say that if someone
uses a foul language or abuses any other contestant he/she will have to leave the house but it has also been noticed that the show doesn’t deal with the rules strictly.

Meanwhile, Sunny Leone’s case is in front of everyone. She doesn’t do much in the house. She also has a language problem but still she never gets evicted. Perhaps the reason behind keeping her in the house
is her fame. The show makers know she is a world-class porn star and a lot of people in India follow her.

A part from this Mehak Chahal’s case is another eye-opener. It has always been said that Salman Khan brought her in the house since she is a close friend to him.

Though Mehak always denied of having anyone’s support, she has recently been brought back in the house via wildcard as a result to which she is now participating in the final leg of the competition, even
when there were other strong contestants alongside her.

The reason is again the same, as Mehak also has a big fan following.

Keeping the facts in front I think the show is all scripted and a waste of time. However, it’s just my opinion.