Famous Indian singer Sonu Nigam has said that his country’s music industry has a lot new to offer to the global artists.

After working with the international pop star Britney Spears, Sonu is now all set to collaborate with a Swedish DJ Tim Berg.

On international singers’ rising interest in working with the Indians, he claimed that since the Indian musicians are mighty talented, the global artists come India to add something different to their songs.

"These artistes want a change in their own music, that`s why they come to Indian musicians. They want to know how we can add something new to their music. They love what we do to their songs," Sonu told reporters on Thursday.

He singled out the well-renowned singer Akon who recently sang a couple of songs in a Bollywood movie ‘Ra One’ – produced by Shahrukh Khan.

Sonu added, “India is a huge market. They want to explore it, the way Akon did. After his hit song Chammak Challo in `Ra.One`, Akon is known to everyone here."

"Every western musical show format has been introduced to us. There is another such show which is coming to India soon. It`s going to be the next big thing. Foreign companies sell these formats to Indian channels, who Indianise them. Indian Idol, X-Factor
are like that," he further shared.

The 38-year-old is one of the top singers in the Indian music industry. However, he has lessened his work in playback singing for the Indian cinema industry for last few years.

When asked about the reason behind his less work with the mic, he uttered that he has become a bit selective in his approach, and is working on his solo albums.

Talking about his son who is four years of age, and has little interest in music, the veteran singer stated, “He is just four, we don`t need to train kids that early. Singers are born, not trained. He is a smart boy who can dance and sing well. He has already
sung once with Lata Mangeshkar. Whatever he wants to become in the future, we will be happy with it."