Movie Review: Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Being the best instalment of the Mission Impossible series yet, Ghost Protocol certainly sucks in the viewer to the story as Tom Cruise emerges ever more brilliant of an actor than he already is. Even for those who have not seen the previous MI movies, the
fourth one is a must see because there really is not much that is connected with the ones in the past.

Mission Impossible 4, or formally known as Ghost Protocol, is a movie that will have you jumping in your seat from time to time as Ethan Hunt’s dramatic stunts do not always go the way as planned.

This movie is certainly not out of the ordinary, but has been perfected in every single way possible.

Simon Pegg adds laugh-out-loud comedy to the movie and also has an entertaining role in the movie which surprisingly plays out to be quite important as the mission progresses.

Like every other Mission Impossible and James Bond movie, having a sexy female partner is something that needs no reminding as this time, it is the amazing and sophisticated, Paula Patton, who plays the role of Jane.

One person who really surprised me with his acting was, Jeremy Renner, who is also known for his performance in “The Town” with Ben Affleck, but looking at the two movies, seeing him in both roles is something totally mind blowing taking into consideration
the difference of both people.

M:I GP is certainly bold and full of action for those fans that love thrills and suspense in their movies. It is realistic and nothing seems to be out of the blue, but is like a puzzle, coming into place at the end.

Not having to rely too much on special effects and explosions, the movie allows the characters to speak out for themselves, instead of letting the fists do the talking. Characters integrate well with each other along with a number of beautiful locations
that are shown throughout the movie, including Dubai, Russia and India.

Made by a brilliant director, with brilliant actors and a brilliant story line, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol is a must see for not only the action thirsty viewers, but for those as well who want a movie that features a little bit of everything.

I rate this movie a 9.5/10