Respect your country; it’s not a failed state at all

The only fault which lies with the people of Pakistan is that they don’t assert their power to get rid of the corruption-oriented leaders in the parliament. If they just once behead the corrupt leaders and their acolytes, no one will ever dare again to plunder
the coffers of the Pakistan and rob its people of their rights.

By changing the leaders and replacing them with the honest, daring, visionary and able leaders everything will fall in place automatically. No military, bureaucracy, judiciary, media, businesses and anti-social elements would dare to go awry in the presence
of a transparent, corruption-free, agile, lean, visionary and honest government led by the true leaders.

Right now all this talk about Pakistan is teetering on the brink of collapse and annihilation and all these predictions about the disintegration and destruction of Pakistan miss the actual point. Failure is there, but that failure is not of the Pakistan,
its the failure of the corrupt leaders and their cronies. These failures cannot be attributed to Pakistan or the nation; ‘they are the gifts from the incumbent government and their predecessors.

It’s true that Pakistanis have seen enough. From the terrorism to economic meltdown to load shedding to floods to earthquakes to dictatorship to this government, we have seen enough of the enough. After all these gory ordeals, this nation now deserves to
see better days. This year the Independence Day is coming again and we should be celebrating the Independence Day with full vigor, enthusiasm and zeal and we have to believe in ourselves that ‘we will one day emerge triumphant in overcoming the challenges
and difficulties that we are facing today and we will not let the spirits die down.