Will democracy ever reach Africa – Part 2

Another major issue is the main organs responsible to ensure the necessary impartiality that would validate the elections; however, these organs are accused of bias. In many cases, democratic change by the ballot box; seems impossible, or it is obtained
by resorting to armed insurrection. But this victory of the armed opposition leads to the escape of members of the former ruling party that organize outside the maneuvers of their return by launching slogans of boycott and are weaving companies to destabilize
the new government. To defuse future crises, solutions are then recommended that tend to advocate the partition or to sacrifice the right to reconciliation, to reintroduce impunity at the state and to institutionalize the division in the form of power sharing
between irreconcilable factions.

Hence the question: What are the sources of obstacles to the democratization process in Africa? The problem of democratic change of power by the ballot box and election transparency is he causes physical or psychological causes of moral and political?

The case of Côte d’Ivoire, where the injection of huge physical and financial resources by the international community to resolve any hardware problems, did not avoid the suspicion and disputes over the results of the presidential election proves that the
challenge of the election results or the lack of transparency of the elections are rather political causes, psychological and moral than material causes. The separatist solution between North and South Ivorian that flush at some point in a country where many
southerners still believe, wrongly or rightly, that the legitimate power current power of the people of North, Dioula, attests to the reality of political defiance and persistence of ethnic and regional cleavages. If the provision of essential material resources
does not prevent electoral fraud, this means that there are competing parties in a desire to tamper with the results to claim the victory in defiance of rules and a desire to s’ unlawfully appropriating the power that thwarts the material supplied to prevent
the shortage of ballot boxes, monitor the vote of the voters and ensure transparency of elections.

If the presence of foreign observers and transparency of elections do not prevent the dispute, this means that over-rule any mistrust, suspicion, and the intention to refuse the state government to the political opponent . If the loser does not accept his
defeat, despite the transparency of elections and regularity of the votes is that there is a desire to reintroduce the logic of force and seize power by ignoring the principle of election and the majority of the vote as part of the modern state inherited from