Twelve of the dead were killed in assaults at Irshad Goraya, Ijaz Goraya and Azam Goraya’s houses. The attacks were carried out strategically by Amjad Goraya’s men to avenge the killing of Amjad’s brother Saifullah and his guard, Usman, earlier during the

Seven people were killed at Irshad’s house, four at Ijaz’s house and three at Azam’s house.

The injured reported that the attackers broke into their houses and opened one-sided shooting. The attackers later threw petrol at and set fire to parts of the houses, it was added.

The killed were identified as Farah (Irshad’s wife), Khushi Muhammad and Abdullah (Irshad and Farah’s children); Tanzeela (Ijaz’s wife), Fajr, Hajra and Maria (Tanzeela and Ijaz’s children); and Bushra (Azam’s wife), Mehek, Irshad Bibi, Mafia and Misbah.

Four of the injured were identified as the following family members: Samar, Asif, Azam and Omar.

The injured were taken first to Gujranwala district headquarters (DHQ) hospital where two were referred to Lahore. Medical Superintendent Zafar Iqbal explained the condition of these two as critically serious. He said the remaining three would be discharged
after full recovery in a few days.

Police has said that the attackers had fled by the time Gujranwala city police officer Ahsan Tufail and officials from Saddar police station reached the scene.

He said Irshad Goraya, who had been living in South Africa, had arrived in Gujranwala after he was informed about the incident. The SHO said an FIR would be registered as soon as Irshad filed a complaint nominating people he suspected of involvement in the
incident. He said police teams were already conducting raids to arrest Amjad Goraya, who has fled Pipliwala.

Earlier, Amjad Goraya’s brother Saifullah Goraya and his guard, Usman, were shot and killed by six unidentified men. Witnesses stated three of the assailants came riding two motorcycles and three posing as pushcart vendors.

Pipliwala residents said the clash between the two Goraya family groups – led by Amjad Goraya and Javed Goraya – was several years old and a number of people from both sides had been killed. Javed was sent to prison three months ago for allegedly killing
a man from the rival group.

This has to stop at some stage rather than being carried on as a series of assaults.