Movie Review: Don 2

King Khan is back in his latest action thriller, Don 2, which was released on the 22nd of December and was easily one of the most anticipated films of the year, in which the Bollywood superstar certainly did not fail to impress.

The fun thing about Shahrukh Khan is, despite what people say about his acting sometimes, he definitely is one of the most versatile and dynamic actors not only in the Indian cinema but throughout the world as well.

Being famous for romantic roles than moving onto more of action related role and sometimes even being the villain, one has to known what he is doing and SRK is one of the best, if not the best at what he does.

The first instalment in the “Don” series was welcomed by fans but many termed it not as good as or better than the original one by Amitabh Bachan, but this time, SRK has shut them up for good in a totally redesigned sequel.

Don 2 is not over the top amazing but it does have those moments when you would want to be playing the role of SRK yourself. Viewers will realise one special thing about the movie which is that there is only one song, instead of the usual 4-5 that we are
used to put in there to consume as much time as possible.

This movie is filled with action and meaningful dialogue along with a number of supporting actors that get the job done.

Priyanka Chopra is another actor carried over from the previous film as she continues to follow Don and try her best at capturing the fugitive wanted by over 10 countries around the world, but as the dialogue goes, “Don ko pakarna mushkil hi nai, na mumkin
hay”, no matter how hard anyone tries, SRK is always one step ahead of them even when it looks like there is no way to escape.

Instead of the usual fighting to get out of every situation like we saw in the first part, Don 2 brings along the use of more intelligent strategies which actually play out really well when the movie is coming to an end. There are still some moments when
you will think that how could this happen, or how was that possible, but those are questions that are bound to arise.

Don 2 is a movie you can watch with your family and actually enjoy some Indian cinema, which SRK has managed to take to the next level with his RA. One movie and now this.

I rate Don 2 a 8/10.