“It is a gamble. And it makes sense to me that there is great potential to fall to very low places after investing so much and believing so much in something.

“And in this day and age, all eyes are upon you. You are not taking these risks in a vacuum, but your name and identity are very public. It can truly can be a roller coaster for emotions, and if you’re already prone to depression, anxiety, or other mental
illness, this kind of stress can wreak havoc.”

There is one more syndrome that is found in the techies in high degree. Usually the first image of a technology expert that crosses the mind is a bushy hair and extremely thin or extremely obese fellow with thick glasses. This is not a figment of someone’s
mind that struck fame.

The truth is that the infamous Asperger’s syndrome is found in more than two-third of the technology experts. This syndrome is a developmental disorder in the autism spectrum where “Aspies” experience serious difficulties with basic social interactions notably
in communication, empathy, self-care and literal interpretations and excel at things that involve rules, systems and laws.