Revolution of political parties

PML-N Chief Mian Nawaz Sharif, on the last day of 2011, promised to make Pakistan an economic power if his party wins the next elections (for the third time). He went on to say that his party will bring a revolution in the country.

Our politicians usually abuse the word of revolution while promising reforms in the country. Those, who frequently make claims for revolution, will not have an idea about the real meaning of this word.

The PML-N chief, the two times former prime minister, flayed severe criticism on the government for its economic mismanagement.

Without any doubt, the incumbent failed to control the prices of daily-routine items and overcome the energy crises. However, the PML-N too failed to play its role as a government ally and opposition party.

It was the party that assailed the PPP-lead coalition government’s attempt to impose the Reformed General Sales Tax (RGST) as per the promise made to the IMF (International Monetary Fund). The authority had ensured that the aid-package would not be blockaded
and would have benefited the country in overcoming economic crises.

It is far too difficult to admit own failure but it is easy to criticize about the economic mess. Nawaz Sharif also made claims about the growing corruption in the country but his own party is also accused of similar charges in Punjab.

Although corruption, one of the most discussing issues in Pakistan, is melancholy affecting the country, it is not about one political party or just about the ruling lot. This evil is uncontrolled all over the country and every state institution, be it public
sector, private sector, the judiciary, the military, is evenly affected by corruption.

A system of organized reforms is only solution to overcome corruption that will take some time. The PPP-led government is solely not responsible for the foreign debts, as the country has had to rely on international aid from the very first day. Pakistan
received economic and military aid in the previous two regimes of Mian Nawaz Sharif.

The other thing is about National interest which is evident before everyone that right wing brigade terms national sovereignty and integrity with everything that goes in favor of army.

All political parties should realize that unconstitutional forces once again are out to get them. They should reveal their real enemy instead of criticism for the sake of scoring points.