During winter it is highly crucial to take care of the little ones around us as their stamina to bear the extreme weather is relatively weak to the elders and grownups. They are way more vulnerable and dependent when it comes to getting and feeling cold.
Most of them are so involved and engrossed in what they are doing that they do not even realize that they have been cold until they fall ill, for example if they are playing after returning from school then their priority switches and they are more interested
in what they are playing or what their friends are discussing.

Sadly, when I see the school going children nowadays in the morning, they are hardly dressed up for the chilling weather. They are either wearing sleeve less sweater or to bulge my eyes out further, no sweater at all. Now here I am talking about the school
going children of an age who do listen to their parents and some are even dependent to know what to wear. Honestly, putting on a uniform is no rocket science as the requirements for both summer and winter comes on circulars.

I remember that our mother use to make it a point that we were wearing thermal underneath our uniforms and if then we wanted to take off the blazer or the sweater during break or at home time then that was allowed. Some parents nowadays unfortunately do
not even realize that the socks to be put on during winter is different from those put on in the summer, the summer socks can never serve the purpose of keeping one warm in a weather like this.

Another thing that irritates me to the core is the messed up sleeves. Remember the feeling when the sleeves of the undershirt use to get rolled up when you put something else on it. I could never bear that feeling for more than a fraction of a second and
thus use to pull both the sleeves down together, in neat and equal proportion instantly.

Another thing that I can never digest is the wet tips of the sleeves, the cuffs I am talking about in case of uniforms. I remember when my class fellows use to return after drinking from the filter once the break was over, their lower or quarter half of
the sleeves use to be wet and you do not need to be told of consequences of wet clothes in winter.

The reason that I know and that I am concerned about these things is because our mother used to take note when we were leaving home, not only for school but even today when I am leaving for office, she does give a top to bottom glance and make suggestions
in case there is something missing. So yet again educated and literate mommies is what we need around!!