After the failure of dialogues with the government authorities, the ALL Pakistan CNG Association (APCNGA) has decided to carry on its strike against the gas shortage until their demands are met. Chairman APCNGS, Ghiyas Paracha, asserted in a press conference
on Monday that the government better announce one day CNG load shedding till February or the strike will continue until then.

Paracha further cited that the recently imposed taxes should be taken off and the ban on refuelling of public transport should also be lifted immediately.

Earlier, Secretary Petroleum Natural Resources Muhammad Ejaz Chaudhry held a meeting with Chairman and representatives of All Pakistan CNG Association (APCNGA) here on Monday to address the concerns of the CNG sector.

The meeting was attended by Chief Commissioner Islamabad Capital Territory, Acting Chairman OGRA and senior officers of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources. Although the Secretary Petroleum assured APCNGA that the news about permanent closure
of CNG Sector are not correct, CNG stations will remain closed according to the agreed GAS Load Management Programme.

With winter hitting with severity across the country, demand for natural gas has increased a great deal and the government introduced a Gas Load Management Programme to tackle the shortage crisis. The industrial sector and a great number of domestic users
are still facing serious shortage of natural gas despite the efforts of the government to devise a reliable distribution plan. Textile industry is the other major sector suffering from this crisis and country-wide protests are observed on regular basis.

The Secretary Petroleum assured APCNGA that the situation of gas supply will stabilise after the month of February and CNG sector will improve. During the meeting it was decided that a high powered committee comprising of senior representatives of Finance
Division, Petroleum and Natural Resources Division and OGRA would look into the issue of gas pricing and submit its report within four days.

It was also decided that the decision of OGRA regarding ban on filling of CNG in public transport vehicles would be suspended for 15 days and the public safety measures would be jointly monitored and ensured by OGRA and the APCNGA.