PM Gilani backs Seraiki province at the floor of the house

Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani on Tuesday said that he was in complete support of the formation of new provinces, especially the Seraiki province.

The statement has come from Gilani when he was addressing the National Assembly on Tuesday. The PM rebuffed the allegations that the ruling political party of the country, Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) mostly caters Sindhis and family members. Gilani said
that he belonged to a Seraiki family and was nominated as the prime minister of the country by the party, which shows the respect PPP gives to Seraikis and other provinces of the country.

He said that now was the high time to give the Seraikis an identity that they have been demanding for over the years. He further added that if an elected Seraiki Prime Minister could not give the Seraikis their identity in the form of a separate province,
then nobody would be able to form a separate province for the Seraiki people. Gilani said that it would be ironic if he could not respect the sentiments of the people of his region.

The PM also said that had the provinces been given the provincial autonomy earlier, Fall of Dhaka in 1971 could have been avoided.

Gilani insisted that giving provincial identity to Seraikis would not weaken Pakistan rather it would have strengthening and binding impact. He also made it clear that the Peoples Party did not have any hidden agenda behind the approval of this appeal.

The Prime Minister also indirectly criticized PML-N chief, Nawaz Sharif for seeking army assistance to bring peace and stability in Karachi. Addressing a gathering in Karachi yesterday, the PML-N chief and former Pakistan Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif had
said that seeking the assistance of army to bring peace in the city, even under democracy, was justified.

Gilani stressed that army should be kept in the background and putting it into practice all the time could erode its power.