The true essence of love

Nearly every single person in this world claims to be in love and yet there is hardly anyone who is yet sure of the exact definition of this world. While the reputed dictionaries offer a variety of definitions of the word, there is hardly any dictionary
that is able to explain the true essence of the word. Therefore in most cases, when people say that they love someone, they actually don’t.

Many people believe that love is a feeling that combines two people in a bond where there is immense understanding, mutual adoration for each other, and a strong temptation to touch each other, buy each other expensive gifts and spend time in each other’s
company through any excuse.

Even though people are not completely wrong to believe that the fore-mentioned things constitute love, they fail to understand the true essence of the feeling.

There are people who fall in love with someone, yet there is no understanding between them and their beloved. There are people who are head over heels for someone and yet in return they receive nothing but hatred. There are people who have absolutely no
desire to touch their beloved, mainly because of the religious boundaries which prohibits them from looking in the direction of the opposite gender with that intention. There are people who never get a chance to buy their beloved expensive gifts and basically
remain on a look-out for opportunities to do something for her, such as order pizza if the latter is hungry, or order biryani to win over her affection.

There are also people who never get to spend time around the person they love. In fact, they go out of the way to stay away from her because her very presence makes them feel as if they will faint. They may be extremely talkative, but whenever the person
they love comes near them, they are unable to talk or think straight, shivering while finding it extremely hard to breathe.

In some really unfortunate cases, there are people who see their beloved go out to lunch every Friday with someone whom she is in love with and most likely to get married to.

In all these cases, the person seems to be getting nothing but pain from the feelings that he has for his beloved and yet he cannot stop thinking about her and praying for her. He cannot stop asking God to keep her happy wherever she goes and with whomever
she gets married to. Despite never getting any genuine respect from the girl who finds the person “baji-like”, the person keeps praying to God to give that girl all the respect in the world. Every day begins with one prayer and ends with the same prayer and
yet the person never even gets one step closer to earning his beloved’s love and respect.

Despite all this, the person is in love with that girl. Every night, every single night, she is all he dreams about. Even after she is no longer around, he loves talking and listening about her.

All these things are what truly define love. It is not affected by what the beloved does or says. It is not affected by whether the person gets to spend life with his beloved. It is not about staying close to that person for ever. It is all about praying,
crying, smiling and dreaming of that one particular girl. Fate does have the power to decide who a person gets, but it does not have the power to decide whom you fall in love with.