Dr. Rehman Malik (Rehman Baba) earns 2011 Hall of Shame (Part One)

Whether you are Shoaib Malik, Rehman Malik or Veena Malik, you will agree that it is not easy being a Malik in this country. They are always enveloped by a series of controversies.

After a hard competition among the political figures and artists who worked hard to earn the 2011 Hall of Shame, our very own, very beloved, very compelling, Rehman Malik, sorry, Dr. Rehman Malik secured the top honor.

Syndicate of Karachi University admitting the wonderful performance and services of Rehman Malik conferred on him PhD degree. He rendered unparalleled services to Pakistan. In the course of last 12 months, he delivered a series of golden sayings that array
from peculiar to uproarious. 

The first statement is as follow: “I am thankful to the Taliban who did not carry out any attack on Shia Muslims and showed respect to their rituals.”

During the occasion of Ashura, Dr. Rehman Malik uttered a shocking statement to the media, offering thanks to the Taliban for their cooperation at the occasion. But he didn’t stop there, adding that he had made an appeal to the Taliban to which they responded

In another shocking remark, the Interior Minister quoted as saying, “I had given a warning yesterday that there should be no match-fixing. This time I am watching it very closely. If any such thing happens we will take action”.

He issued this warning to the Pakistani cricketers prior to the world cup semi-final against neighboring India. He also asked them not to think in this regard as he was having a close eye on them.


Rehman (Baba) too quoted saying as, “When it is reported that 100 people were killed due to target killing, investigations reveal that only 30 were its victims while 70 others died at the hands of their wives or girlfriends.”

This golden statement of the interior minister, supposed to be one of the most active men in the country along with Veena Malik, came out from his hallowed mouth during a press conference in Quetta.

At the time when target killings were on all time high in the provincial metropolis, he uttered that more than half the men were assassinated by their girl friends and wives. Mr. Malik has a commendable imagination. Wow, it’s wonderful Malik Sahib.


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