A robust exterior houses what could have been a brilliant phone had it not been for the bug infested software

Nokia has branded itself as a user friendly telecommunications company, whose mobile phones are the simplest to pick up and use. A number of great products have come with the Nokia brand displayed on them ranging from budget phones to more powerful high-end

One phone that everyone was excited about when it was first announced was the Nokia C7. Sleek, sturdy and boasting some serious fire power with an 8-MegaPixel camera and touch screen, the phone was an affordable alternative to the iPhone.

However, in retrospect, that was a comparison that was destined to fail the second anyone thought it up. To start things off the phone was a gem; fast, responsive and adaptable to the needs of everyone.

It was business friendly when it needed to be, provided a solid entertainment solution and its Wi-Fi capability meant that the internet was never far away. Yet as time wore on the issues began emerging and seemingly would not stop.

At first the phone would only crash occassionaly, as many Nokia phones tend to do. Yet, it seems that the C7 had a rather weak immune system as the problem just would not go away. Firmware updates did not help either as they only provided temporary respite.

The biggest issue that seemed to be bothering everyone was the constant freezing. A number of unfortunate customers took the issue up on Nokia’s forums where they were told to reset their phone to factory settings. Sadly, this did not work either as the
problem would reappear.

Having said that, when the phone is operational it is a joy to use, if only Nokia could release an update to resolve the issue, they would have a great phone on their hands.

The Verdict: it would be wise to stay away from this particular phone, though if one is hell bent on owning a Nokia C7 it is best they do so with an extended warranty and always have a back up phone handy in case it catches the dreaded C7


  1. I have been using C6-00 and believe me , its no different……. hangs / freezes alot.

    Buy android , its far better……..